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What to Do in the Event of a Loss:


First, we want you to breathe easy and rest assured that we will do everything possible to make sure your claim goes smoothly. At Bush Insurance Agency, we have established a superior working relationship with the companies claim departments and our knowledge of you and your policy will set the stage for a smooth process to guarantee your satisfaction.


Call us. You can reach us during business hours at 231.592.8030. If your claim occurs after hours and you have an emergency, please feel free to call the companies directly, listed below for your convenience.

Remember that we are a team in this process and we need to cooperate with each other. Do what you can to minimize additional damage to your property. If necessary, call the local authority to report to the police or fire department. Emergency temporary repairs are just fine and are expected. Try not to disturb the physical evidence that the company may need to inspect.


Call us throughout the claim process whenever you may have a question. We are here to help and clarify your policy so that you are comfortable and have the piece of mind that your insurance policy and agent preforms as expected.

Auto-Owners Insurance Company

6101 Anacapri Blvd

Lansing, MI 48917Lansing, MI 48917


Towing Service 1.888.869.2642

(which is 1 888 tow aoic)

Emergency Claim: 1.888.252.4626


Burns & Wilcox



Cameron Wilson Insurance

Emergency claim: 1.269.372.6305


Foremost Insurance Company


Emergency claim: 1.800.527.3907

Fremont Insurance Company

933 E Main

Fremont, MI 49412


Towing Service 1.800.550.0325

Emergency Claim 1.800.550.0325


JM Wilson Insurance Company

Emergency claim: 1.800.964.1126


Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

1510 N Elms Rd

Flint, MI 48532


Towing Service: 800.828.7067

Emergency claim: 1.810.733.2300


Progressive Insurance Company


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